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    Family law can be emotionally charged and often confusing. Nolan Wickel provides his client with clear and honest legal advice that helps them protect their and their family’s interests.

    With over 20 years practicing family law, Nolan has the experience and expertise to help East Texans in any type of family law matter.

    Family law cases often require mediation.  Nolan Wickel is an experienced mediator who can assist you in negotiating a settlement in your complex family law case.

    If you are facing divorce or another family law matter, contact Wickel & Schmidt today to schedule an initial consultation with Nolan.

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  • Family Lawyer East Texas

    Divorce Lawyer in Athens, TX

    Divorces are often difficult and contentious for everyone involved

    Clients often underestimate just how difficult the process will be and what the consequences of failure–and success–will look like just a few years later.

    This is why it is essential to find a divorce attorney with experience working in Henderson County courts.

    Nolan has been representing Henderson County residents in divorce cases for over 20 years. In that time, he has helped thousands improve their circumstances and protect their interests.

    If you’re considering divorce or have been served papers, contact Wickel & Schmidt today to schedule a consultation with Nolan.

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Other Family Law Cases

Family law is more than just divorce. Cases can look as different as the families they involve, but Nolan’s extensive experience working in Henderson County means he is able to help with a variety of cases, including:

  • Child Custody/Custody Modification

    Cases involving children include paternity suits and suits affecting parent-child relationship (SAPCR). These types of lawsuits are what initially establish the details of co-parenting plans including conservatorship, child support, visitation, residency and travel restrictions. When a change in the life of a parent or child occurs, Nolan can assist in a modification suit to amend the child custody and co-parenting agreements.

  • Child Support Amendments/Enforcements

    Financial circumstances often change over time. When this occurs it might be necessary to amend child support obligations. A child support modification or review proceeding would be necessary for the court to determine if a modification of child support is warranted.
    If a person is in child support arrears, a child support enforcement would be filed. Nolan can assist in enforcing child support obligations as well as representing the party who is facing enforcement.

  • Non-parent Interventions

    In situations where a non-parent is considering filing for custody of a child, Nolan can advise and assist in the intervention process. This would include grandparents, other family members, foster families, etc.

  • Termination and Adoptions

    Nolan has helped many families with legal termination of parental rights and adoptions. Nolan can navigate the many steps of the adoption process for you. 

  • And More

    Nolan’s extensive experience practicing family law in Henderson County positions him to help with a variety of client needs. Contact Wickel & Schmidt to learn if he can help you.

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