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    Anyone that’s been arrested can attest to how humiliating and frightening the experience can be.

    But that is just the beginning.

    The criminal justice system in the United States is strained, and individuals can get lost in the cracks easily.

    That’s why it is vital to find a criminal defense lawyer who will advocate for your best interests.

    Brian Schmidt is an experienced attorney who is dedicated to improving outcomes for each of his clients.

    He has had a successful career serving individuals accused of criminal offenses in Henderson and Van Zandt Counties and is available to help defend you.

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  • Criminal Lawyer East Texas

    Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

    Brian has extensive experience with misdemeanor criminal defense, including misdemeanor A, B, and C cases.

    He understands that even misdemeanor accusations can have a serious impact on an individual’s life, and he works diligently for successful outcomes for his clients.

    He also understands that many of his clients are scared, and he and his support staff work hard to help them get as comfortable as possible with the process.

    Felony Criminal Defense

    The potential consequences for a felony conviction can be extremely serious, especially for violent crimes or those accused of being repeat offenders.

    Brian has decades of experience in felony criminal defense. He has obtained numerous ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts in jury trials, secured dismissals of serious felony charges, and successfully negotiated favorable outcomes for his clients.

    He is committed to vigorously defending his clients who are accused of criminal conduct. Contact Wickel & Schmidt today to schedule a consultation.

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Common Criminal Defense Cases in Athens, TX

Brian Schmidt has been defending individuals in Athens, TX, from accusations of criminal conduct for over two decades. In that time, he has successfully defended a variety of cases, including:

  • DWI

    By far the most common accusation in Henderson County, punishments for DWIs are severe and often include jail time, but Brian has successfully defended against allegations of driving while intoxicated for over twenty years.

  • Drugs

    Possession of a controlled substance can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and having a criminal history can often make punishments more severe. Brian can and will help. 

  • Possession of Marijuana

    While Texas recently eased its marijuana laws, they are still far stricter than many other parts of the nation, and Brian will fight to improve outcomes for his possession clients.

  • Assault

    Assault is an umbrella term for a variety of offenses ranging from threatening someone to causing injury with a weapon, and all of them can be serious without representation.

  • Sexual Assault

    Sexual assault accusations are serious and, even after a not-guilty verdict, can still cause damage. Brian will mitigate that before, during, and after a sexual assault trial.

  • Robbery & Property Crimes

    Robbery and theft encompass a wide variety of crimes, and a history of property crimes can make finding a job very difficult. Brian can help with the criminal case and expunctions.

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